"Can Do" Help Video Series

This is a series of help videos detailing what the City CAN DO to help you with various City services and functions including Zoning Clearance, Building Permits, Site Plan requirements, Historic District requirements, and more.

Detailed contact information is included in each video if you have questions or need additional information.
Zoning Clearance - Need a Zoning Clearance? Interested in development or obtaining a business license in the City of Portsmouth? Check out our informational video! For more information, contact Zoning at 757-393-8522.
Building Permits -  Have questions on what you need for your residential or commercial building construction? For more information, contact Permits & Inspections at 757-393-8531.
Who can obtain a Building Permit? - Do you qualify? What are the requirements? Find out here! For more information, contact Permits & Inspections at 757-393-8531.
Site Plans - Need direction on development and redevelopment projects? For more information, contact Engineering at 757-393-8592.
Historic Districts - Interested in moving to or renovating construction in one of Portsmouth’s Historic Districts? Check out our informational video here! For more information, contact Planning at 757-393-8863.