About Us


The City extends a warm welcome to all vendors interested in serving the City of Portsmouth with goods and services. It is our desire to make dealing with the City a pleasurable and rewarding experience for all parties involved.


The goal of the Purchasing Office is to procure all required goods and services for City Departments in the best possible quality, quantity, manner and at the most economical price available. In addition, we strive to provide all prospective suppliers the opportunity to do business with the City.

Competitive Opportunities

Equal competitive opportunity can only be ensured by providing every opportunity to interested suppliers. Suppliers are encouraged to maintain contact with Purchasing Office personnel to keep abreast of requirements, as needs of the City are revised constantly. The City of Portsmouth is an equal opportunity agency.

The Purchasing Office performs a service function for all City departments and acts as a liaison between suppliers and the City. While we are the sole purchasing office for the City, we often work closely with various City departments in composing specifications and analyzing responses to solicitations.