Street Sweeping

The Department of Public Works announces the Street Sweeping schedule for Portsmouth neighborhoods in the chart below. This schedule is for August 14, 2023, through October 20, 2023.


The Street Sweeping Program is part of the City’s Stormwater Management Plan.  All City-maintained streets with curbs and gutters are swept three times a year between April and October.  Private roads, mobile home parks, privately owned apartment complex streets, shopping area parking lots, private parking lots, and commercial or business properties are not swept as part of this program. 


The City is divided into eight sections between Monday and Friday during the scheduled week. Streets will not be swept on normal trash collection days. To ensure that each street can be cleaned, the Department of Public Works requests that all vehicles be removed from the streets by 7 a.m., and on-street parking may resume at 4 p.m. 


Please note that weather, rain, other extremes, and mechanical issues may delay the sweeping. 


Important Information to Remember:

- Moving vehicles off of the streets allows for effective sweeping.

- Do not place basketball goals on the curb or street area.

- Do not sweep or blow grass clippings or leaves into the street.


Why do we sweep our streets?

The Street Sweeping program is part of the Stormwater Management Plan, and each year, street sweepers remove tons of debris (leaves, dirt, trash). Debris removed from the streets reduces the chances of it ending up in the Chesapeake Bay.


How is the Street Sweeping schedule set?

The City of Portsmouth is divided into eight sections that can be completed within one week.  Sweepers rotate through each section from April through October.  November through March, street sweeping operations are conducted as weather conditions permit.


May I place grass clippings or leaves in the street for the street sweeper to pick up?

No.  Leaves and grass clippings are collected when properly bagged and placed at the curb as part of waste management collections.  Sweeping leaves and grass into the street violates the Portsmouth City Code.


To report a street-sweeping concern, please click the following link:

2023 Sweeper Schedule