Property Maintenance

To seek answers to questions or to request an inspection, please call 757-393-8531.

Maintenance Code

The City of Portsmouth enforces the Virginia Maintenance Code. Other codes relevant to property maintenance include, but are not limited to, Chapters 17 and 23 of the Portsmouth Code of Ordinances. These codes require a minimum standard that owners must maintain.

These codes address the protection of wood exterior surfaces by painting, leaking roofs, deteriorated or damaged structural members and interior damage to name a few of the areas.


When a violation is discovered the property owner is notified and given up to 30 days to correct the condition. If the owner is unable to correct the condition in the 30-day period, but submits an acceptable time schedule for the repairs extensions may be granted.

If the owner takes no action or is not declared a "hardship condition" by the Housing Board of Adjustments and Appeals, he can be issued a summons to court where he must answer to the courts ruling.

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