Property Maintenance / Code Enforcement


  • This department administers and enforces the Virginia Maintenance Code which regulates the maintenance standards of both residential and commercial properties. Other codes relevant to property maintenance include, but are not limited to, Chapters 17 and Chapter 23 of the Portsmouth Code of Ordinances. These codes require a minimum standard that owners must maintain.
  • Enforces City Codes that regulate/restrict certain public nuisances such as junk automobiles, trash and debris, tall weeds and grass, abandoned structures and graffiti.
  • Creates "partnerships" with the various civic organizations, Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team Police Officers (NEAT) and other city departments and agencies.
  • Updates and manages the catastrophic Property Damage Assessment program.
  • Administers the "Rental Inspection (PDF)" program.
  • Assists with the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Assists with minor Building Inspection activities.