Planning Assistance Program

The Planning Assistance Program staff are here to provide greater assistance in navigating the Zoning and Planning development processes to prospective applicants and developers. The Planning Assistance Program staff tailors guidance efforts specifically to applicants to ensure an easy to understand process for successfully executing potential projects. Participation in the Planning Assistance Program is voluntary.

Services Provided

  • Individualized consultation with Planning staff team to provide assistance in directing proposed projects to comply with zoning regulations and development standards
  • Explanation of pertinent zoning regulations related to the proposed project
  • Explanation of the Use Permit, Rezoning, Subdivision, Special Exception, Flood Protection, Chesapeake Bay Protection Area, and other Planning processes that apply to the proposed project
  • Break down of applicable requirements to proposed project in simple to understand language 
  • Provide available options to best meet project/development goals
  • Early identification of potential “pitfalls” or other impediments to the proposed development and assistance with identifying potential solutions and options available for proposed project 
  • Identify other City department contacts who will be needed during the development process such as Engineering, Building Official, Public Utilities, etc.

Participation in our Planning Assistance Program is free and completely voluntary. You can choose to use this service at any time.

Please fill out the Planning Assistance Program Request Form and email it to Valerie Malzone at [email protected] or Julie Chop at [email protected] and one of the Planning Assistance Program staff will get back to you within 3 business days. Or, feel free to call us at 757-393-8836.

Planning Assistance Program Flyer